Welcome to the Guatemalan Genocide project. This site offers a glimpse into the heartbreaking history of the Guatemalan Genocide through some personal testimonials, related images, and a brief overview.


I learned this year that the history of both my biological family and adoptive family have something in common, genocide. I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala where I spent the first five years of my life in an orphanage in Antigua, Guatemala. As a junior in high school I am currently enrolled in a class called the History of the Holocaust and Genocide which has opened my eyes to many genocides all around the world and taught me more about some of the lesser known genocides.  I was interested in taking this class because I am Jewish and have always heard about the Holocaust and wanted to know more about it. As a Guatemalan woman I was surprised to learn that such an atrocity had happened in my country. My biological parents were from Nicaragua and Honduras so my ancestors weren’t part of the targeted group, the Maya, but my younger brother and sister’s biological families were affected by the genocide. I was fortunate enough to be able to interview my brother’s biological parents who suffered from this atrocity.  I was also surprised to learn that my adoptive mom had worked in the United States with refugees who had been displaced by the war and genocide. I made this website as a place to share the information I have gathered in hopes of spreading my knowledge of genocide so that others can learn and commit to the vow, NEVER AGAIN!